Between my shadow and my soul

Rhythm of surrender or Part of us We can't deny

We're all part Harry, part Voldemort, part Lupin, part Sirius, part Neville, part Wormtail, part every creature imagined,every virtue blessed and every vice scorned. Maybe not at the same time, or to the same people, but some time or the other we're going to be playing the roles we mock or demonise.

Memories of Madeenah

Zain Bhika's wowness in an Orphan's tale should have been utilised better here I feel. Also Junaid Jamshed should have been left till the end since he promptly lullabied my deer-eager gremlins to la-la land despite wonderfully pleasing the "experienced" crowd. I've just found a cartoon version of the Prophet SAW's life made by Richard Rich of the Fox and the Hound fame. Drama and curtain calls abound...

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