Between my shadow and my soul

Ramadhan 2011

Wading through air, suddenly caught unawares,
We plunged into depths of blue rapids
Salt stinging our eyes muscles, skin, physical agony
Behind us poisonous jellyfish, below us sneaky urchins
What a voluminous shock, what burning pain
Until our eyes adjusted to the misty cloudy spray
And our hearts became our eyes, ears, taste and touch
Experiencing indescribable amazement, wonder, awe
At appointed moments tasty sustenance would approach us
And we accepted with gratitude, lived with gratitude, died in gratitude
We cannot speak about our experiences, but those of us who were there
Sometimes share knowing mourning glances, remembering the day the
Moonbeams penetrated our security and beckoned us back, and we
Forgot most of what we loved. We hope ramadhan invites us, some day, again...