Between my shadow and my soul

flutterness or journeys

It was a warm summer’s day with just the hint of winter’s coming chill
It was a day of reflection and expression of all that was left on the sill
I sat on a swing looking at my toes
Smelling jasmine and lavender on my nose
When the slightest movement startled my depth
Something fluttered in the corner of my eye
I squinted at her beauty; a flutter by
So lonely yet so desirous, perfect in its wonder
My mind slowly arose from its slumber
Mesmerized by this energy
So delicate yet so immense
My heart abandoned all pretense
And in the wink of a movement I was taken
Waken shaken slaven to this loveliness
A moment that lasted past the tide
Awkwardness and jolted uncertainty left aside
Yet like alice we all return to where we were
Nature’s elegant splendour permits transient detours
And like wonderland it can only survive
If treasured in the heart and let free to fly
*P.S. Congrats to my friend who is using blogging to express soon-to-be-married butterflies, excitement and tips.