Between my shadow and my soul

Between you and I

"It was not her fault. She was like the water that freezes inside a rock and breaks it apart. It was no more her fault than it is the fault of the water when the rock shatters" One Stab

This is a secret. We do know. As women we are aware of how we smile and how we look away and how we move towards you. We notice the look in your eyes and your eyes following us across the room. And sometimes, we want more than we need, more than we can appreciate. We can love three different people at the same time, in different ways and want them all to be enraptured by us. We can make our tears hurt more than your pride being wounded. This is more than about relationships. Beyond the world of men and women there is a world of women. Where we have Khadija's, Aasiyah's and Maryams and Bilqees's. They fight, not only for their own salvation, but for the world of women to move beyond games, towards battles, towards purpose and towards independent and free-spirited achievement. And it comforts me that somewhere out there, there is also a world of men that aspires beyond.

The One Comfort

You have to dream about it
Even when you do it every day





Love, Doesnt

Parasputing and Khadija challenge:Tick tock

she can't wait for him any longer. the buses will have stopped and home deserves her more right now. yes, we must be optimistic, we must be open to this. mums are right but not ever at the precise second when they say it. the days seem to get longer and yet time less tangible. ah but clocks are a fetish she shall not deny. let's stop at kitsch kool on the way home, it's always a pick me up. and it was the inkomazi one more so, she bought it for her domestic, not sure if it was appropriate but spontaneous gestures have more credence, instinct is something deep and yet so altogether stupid it seems. heathen, primitive, lower order, id. who does not love their id. can love exist without an id. she doesnt believe so, love is surrendering to and fighting the id at the same time. loving humans is so silly though, and base and relative and easy. loving ideals, loving for the sake of something that you can taste in the fountain of heaven, like the ability to have pink streaks brightening your morning this is...

Time's up.
I doubt I would have gotten anywhere but where I did though.
I tag Fatima but she must do it in 2 weeks.

Staring into the tiger's eyes
Forces her to cower, purr and
Roll over for her belly to be rubbed

Don't hide from Love,
Deceived by her apparent repulsiveness.

Beyond appearance lies Faith

*Sometimes you get gobbled up. Life is worth the risk.

I've learnt

That good intentions are never enough. Here, and there.
You're going to need some resolve and some love and some talent and some absolute surrender and some fighting when you have nothing to stop your good intentions from being fucked into smithereens, and to be your propeller when your toes let go of the clouds.


These are two of my favourite actresses based on the sole criterion of loveliness. I don't think its queer that girls can find girls lovely and vice versa- it's just an indication of the type of beauty we appreciate. I deliberately chose a "natural" picture of Keira, I wish the majority of pictures of her on google images didn't feature artificially inflated boobs, she has pretty enough features. Winona has always fascinated me- I remember as a young kid I had those CNA diaries with all the movie stars and she was my favourite, despite the shoplifting charges that came later on. I like how she stars in the non mainstream stuff and didn't go through the "Jennifer Aniston complex" for fame. Edward Scissorhands and Girl, Interrupted for example. I love Edward Scissorhands, I think Tim Burton type humour flushes Judd Apaptow type humour down the toilet. There is no point to this disjointed post, I just found it interesting that the two actresses I find lovely resemble one another, gives credence to evolutionary theory.