Between my shadow and my soul

I think

Half of love is

Resting your shoulders and eyes

From flying the kite

(Link with scarecrow explained in this story)

The Hidden

Cancerous blood clots gather in the dusty corners of your soul,
where Fear says you cannot, are not, explore not
The More, the Other, the Me you cannot Feel

Weddings are...

and Giggles in fitting rooms.

The Breathing

Now, you have two choices. To huddle within and be who you were, or to let go and allow Life to decide who you can be...

**Blog format ripped from my latest fetish

Potholing cerebral grooves

On my way, passing the library, as always, I detour past your shelf
Agriculture magazine racks disguise it today, if it was there at all

Typing out a report I click on your playlist, needing some rhythmic rejuvenation
A stuttering burst of jazz perplexes me, did I misplace it?

Smelling pineapples in the fruitress I remember your craving,
Out of season, dearie, smiles the kindly old cashier

Friends take me for Italian, I eagerly turn to the starters for your speciality,
But all I see is a bevy of foreign-sounding soup mixes

Anxiety waves through my spine, am I dreaming? No, I realise, it is just folly to believe
Your presence can exist in my life, yet out of my heart

Being a guest at the Prophet SAW's mosque in Medinah- Picture blog

The electronic umbrellahs that shield visitors from the sun close after Maghrib in Medinah

Iftar outside the Prophet SAW's Mosque in Medinah- not one person goes hungry in this city during RamadhanJust before fast breaking (Iftar) in Medinah