Between my shadow and my soul

She said He looked at her like she was the answer to Life Itself or Children of the Shadows

We live and laugh as if we will not live for long

Although we live forever in the nightmares of

Our innocent mothers, as mistakes, as abominations

And regrets. They love us wholeheartedly even without another half

They hide us and shush the gossip, and we wish we could

Talk from the cradle like Jesus and plead our mother’s cases.

But we know that we are voiceless in our shame, we live with

The guilt of a man who brags of his love yet supports not

The product of such. Men who love too much, men who

Cannot control their love, men who sing on stars and expensive suits

With expensive flowers and gold trinkets until.

Until we wreck it all.

Abortion would have been more beautiful than a life without a Name

Where we are condemned to cower to society’s comfort, in Shadows.

Heroes never parting...

Whispered words, uttered with ferocity

Incantations of hope and despair, remorsefully

Searching, beckoning that universal Force:

Help him, save him, simply with the certainty

That its Wisdom may do either, may do neither

Memories rush by like colliding trains

Of when we worked in the tuckshop and he gave me candy

Of how I raced gleefully, when I learnt three times three

Memories are one of our greatest blessings; be careful who

You choose to share them with. He chose to share them

With those who would cherish them the most, even a decade

And a half later, at an age where heroes reign and live forever.

Every Poem is a Novel waiting to bloom

The most beautiful love story ever told I will tell one day

That began thousands of years ago in a stereotypical land, far away

This was before lands were grown or rivalries sown,

When souls roamed the world free, remembering all they’ve ever known