Between my shadow and my soul

Attached to Me

Do you not yearn for your bright-eyed stare
Which made the world seem like dazzling light and wonder
And let you forget as soon as your gaze was distracted,
Or your fumbling grasp that tightly clasped onto a finger
But not onto anger or hurt,
Chubby growing muscles that found challenges stimulating
And not a gateway to anxiety or self-pity,
Strong angry voices could evoke temporary discomfort
But no memory of the sharp words your parents exchanged remained

The maturation of neurons leads to the inevitable
Attachment, memories, emotions, ambitions, disappointments
The more of which we have, the more we are compelled to strive
Not just for self actualization, but for the attachments we
Believe lead us to love and identity. Such fluid yet enchanting ideas
In a temporary world based on arbitrary values we
Hold onto our fantasied ideals and what is more
We fight our own wars in their name

Intelligence gives us more to care about,
More to lose, more to believe we own
More to say is Me
And ego preservation is one of the most powerful
Forces, for good and otherwise,

That increasingly binds us to survival as we Live 

What a Man sees in a Woman’s face

What a Man sees in a Woman’s face
Is so much more than she could imagine, or realise
In that moment.

One glance reveals a soft endearing sweet tenderness,
Too easily crushed

An involuntary blush in her cheeks,
Is the beginning of many a daydream

A squint in deep dark eyes,
Reveals an intelligence that could fill galaxies
And could be the secret to unlocking her desirous laugh

A downward glance is surely both sides of a precious coin,
Shy idiosyncrasies and a wit that is bright as the noon sun

The turn of a head belies some of her underlying steel
At this the man becomes aware of the danger
What can enchant can hurt, what hurts feels hurt

And yet this thought is quickly displaced by the promise
Of hearing her voice. Words  are the sixth dimension that
Could confirm, or forever abolish the Above.

What a Woman sees in a Man’s face,

Is not to be revealed, as yet…