Between my shadow and my soul

Respect or Silent Volumes

I want to capture my random thoughts somewhere that I can be reminded of them all the time. So. It’s my blog and I’ll think on here if I want to.

I should have another stab at theatre. This time with a females-only performance. I wonder how theatre would evolve in an Islamic society.

Our bodies were not meant to spend 90% of their time in seated position. My vertebrae are a string of pearls.

Respect is the most appealing thing ever. I can’t define respect but the closest thing I’ve ever felt to it was when we took Al Kauthar speaker Kamal el Mekki to the airport. He did all the chivalrous things like offer to pull my bag and opened doors for me and stuff. AND he listened to my concerns for the Msa Camp and made me feel like what I said really mattered. Without looking into my eyes once. The Western idea that eye contact builds rapport was shattered in that meeting. I have never felt so warmly accepted by a male. And it goes back to the verse in Surah Noor that Nabs recited at the Fashion show “lower your gaze and guard your modesty”. Everyone has differing views of personal space and yet just imagining a radiation of the warmth you have towards someone can build rapport.

Humming and qiraat are like gym for your voice.

Where is my plan?

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The Organ Harvester June 8, 2008 at 11:02 PM  

voice exercise is nothing i need. well i'm not going to start singing. that ship has sailed a long time ago. as for the females only play thing, i'll reserve comment on my immediate thoughts. and as for chivalry, some women find it old fashioned. frankly, the militant feminists make me naar. because it's not about freeing women, but rather opposing men. like the mentality of developing a separate society for women, to prove something. it's still too defensive. and it is sexist.

as for lowering of gazes, we live in a different society. i believe if your intentions are honest, then you can still keep true to your values. maybe i'm just trying to be pragmatic.

Noorjehaan June 9, 2008 at 12:08 AM  

ah why reserve thought, you're not in shooting range:P lol i didn't allow him to pull my bag because i do have that stubborn independence but i appreciated that he offered.i will admit i am defesive and i have not reached equilibrium on the feminist thing. i don't lower my gaze. i have been taught that people find it unfriendly and uncomfortable. and i believe in the power of intentions yet it was the first time i had experienced it and i loved it. and i hope to do it one day because it makes me purer.

i'm smiling that you challenged me because i think disagreement is the friction that creates the heat to cook a culinary speciaity

The Organ Harvester June 9, 2008 at 2:42 PM  

That was not a challenge Noorj. When Hamish challenges, it usually ends in tears. Not saying for whom. But I have had my tear ducts removed since watching the Green Mile.