Between my shadow and my soul

So that you may be grateful

Without realising it

I woke up to the surprise

That your prints had grooved,

Ebbed, wallowed into my perception;

And I shall never walk alone.

"And they ask you about the Soul"... (Quran 17:85)

The time when Body met Soul,
Shivers of fear and despair attacked its spine
As it realised the immensity of Serving God
Through a creation so magnificent, beautiful and eternal

Every moment then is a struggle for Body to accept
That only through Soul, it too becomes
Magnificent, beautiful and eternal as well

The time when Mind Met Soul, it
Clammed within itself, constricted by
Awe and appalled by apprehension in
Serving God through comprehending
Magnificence, Beauty and Eternity

Expanding your Soul is Impossible
It is the most expansive entity in the Universe
Inspire Body and Mind to aspire to such...


She has
The wisdom of one with the fourth generation
Sprouting from her womb

Generosity of a babe's first smile
And the adventure of their crawling forays

The subtlety of a man witnessing his first daughter's marriage,
The patience of a child whose mother has begun to give birth again

The Love of your second decade with the loyalty of your first
The connection of gestating twins

And the Creativity of The Earth