Between my shadow and my soul

Isobel has the same syllables as my name OR I understand but it's still not right

Isn’t it weird how into fantasy we become? We know it’s not real yet it affects our moods and our actions. Especially characters in movies that change our lives when we fit them into our personalities and vice versa. That is one of the reasons I like the song Zammiloony. It portrays the Prophet (SAW) as someone we can all identify with. A social psychological principle says that in order for people to model a behaviour, they should be able to identify with the model. One of the justifications for the Ambiyaa (A.S). being humans and not angels. There is a fancy term for it but hey I’m not writing exams so I don’t have to remember arb facts:)

Currently there’s a grey’s anatomy person thing going on, mostly perpetrated by facebook. By the way I like facebook and see little wrong with it. How people use it is something else. Anyway fellow bloggers have called themselves Yang, Meredith and Alex. I call myself Izzy because she’s this hopeless optimist. She’s also emotional and an idealist and bakes late at night when there are no other solutions. I nearly stopped watching Greys when she slept with George.Her character does not fit in with her past though because she’s had a rough childhood and was a teenage mom and still wants words to be like rainbows. George was a mistake but I understand how lines become blurred like that. My favourite character is Bailey. I wish Meredith and Derek would get over themselves and just be happy at night and do surgery during the day. We watch Grey’s for the surgeries and not for the soap opera. At least I do. Surgery is an amazing metaphor for life because in an operating room every small decision has an impact. People should regard life the same way.

My favourite Izzy quote: “God got a virgin pregnant by magic. God isn't playing by the rules."

Also, I would like to have a daughter. A son would be cool too but a daughter came into my mind first. To quote Waseem, I’m not sexist I’m just old fashioned.

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The Organ Harvester June 6, 2008 at 12:36 PM  

I read the whole post. I would prefer sons but I know that as pennance I would be granted daughters so that I never have a peacful night's sleep and I look forward to my eventual dirt nap.

Dew_drops June 9, 2008 at 9:28 PM  

Bailey is the man!!

Sadly I am like Meredith which is well, not a nice thing, but I recognise too many of my qualities in her. i was really proud of her the day she told derek honestly to go for his date and was okay with it.

*waits for Nooj to smack her with a frying pan*

Noorjehaan June 10, 2008 at 9:15 AM  

OH i think daughters settle down after a point. sons never do

Dew- lol no i don't take it that seriously. Let me know when you've finished season 4- I'd like to know your views which will probably be opposite to mine:P