Between my shadow and my soul

At Her Feet: Humour so tight is makes you cry, pain so unbearable it makes you smile...

It began with movement, like a puppet on strings, rituals of necessity that defied the dominant domains of dance

There was anguish, a toe into the netherworld of compassion, where only psychotics fear to tread

There were truths, that racked the core of my identity so quakingly, raucuous laughter had to disguise my tears

There was pride, reincarnated through the array of beauty and dignity in her voice, in her tears, in her belonging under her hijab and her defense of justice through faith

There was resonance, in her full-bodied hip-swinging voice, that drew us in and around the room, echoing what we fear to say out loud in vibrant witty street poetry

There were friends, awe struck by her talent, yet disappointed with her message, fearing that which she had dared to embrace in a narrative battle of doubt and questioning and criticism and isolation

There was conflict, exposed for them all to see, that maybe Madressahs are fucked up, that maybe the world is changing that maybe we need to accept and yet not accept, to both arise from under the sand and create, that maybe we can criticise and love

There Is Hope.

Post Script (1):
What would be the first thing u do in Jannah?
At one of the Yellow Brick sessions a tuff DiscoveryChannelholic friend said she'd ask God to show her a video of the whole world from beginning to end. Like dinosaurs and world wars and everything.
I would want to have time to do all the right things I want to do here but get distracted from. But maybe since there is no finite energy in Heaven this won't be possible.
I wouldn't be sad to just forget this world and see it blown to smithereens though.

Post Script (2):

I've noticed a common thread running through "story"lines.

In Star Trek when the ultra hot dude bursts into the "cockpit" and says they are going into a trap.

In Angels and Demons when the Carmelengo enters the Conclave and implores for openness and honesty.

In Harry Potter when Harry returns from escaping Voldemort and tells the wizarding world that the darkest wizard is back.

On Mount Safa, when the Prophet SAW gathered the Quraysh and told themthere is only One God, as the Qur'an had said he should: "And warn thy tribe of near kindred, and lower thy wing (in kindness) unto those believers who follow thee." [Qur'an 26:214-15]

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AD May 19, 2009 at 6:10 AM  

:) beautiful sharing Nooj!

Zubair Habib May 20, 2009 at 12:20 PM  

erm...I don't get the common thread through the story lines....?

Nooj May 20, 2009 at 2:53 PM  

thankee AD :)

Zub I'll explain it to you one day :)