Between my shadow and my soul

Yellow Brick Road-Yin Version

I am ecstatic about what Irfaan would call The Zawiyah one of my belovedest
people started a few weeks ago.

It just reinforces my current quote-fetish:
"The type of human being we prefer
reveals the contours of our heart"
Ortega Y Gasset

Which by the way was said a long time ago by a brilliant
amazing superextraordinary human being:

Abu Hurairah reported Allah's Messenger
peace and blessings be upon him) as saying,

"Souls are troops collected together and those
who familiarized with each other
(in the heaven from where these come) would have affinity,
with one another (in the world) and those amongst them
who opposed each other (in the Heaven) would also be
divergent (in the world
)." (Muslim)

Which is knowledge we should treasure as the
One who has Copyright on the Soul says:

And they ask you about the soul.
The soul is one of the commands of my Lord,
and you are not given aught of knowledge but a little.
)(Al-Israa' 17: 85)

There were times in my life where I cared for people based on my
parents' ideas. And then in more difficult times, based on them
embodying values my parents had neglected.

Now all I seek (and find Subhanallah) is respect.

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Azra April 29, 2009 at 7:48 PM  

Hmmm nice :) I quite enjoy Irfaan's blog thanks to you...he's very entertaining and refreshing dont ya think?