Between my shadow and my soul

An Image a Day- 27th April

Freedom Day- I have so much to think and write about.
Not tonight.
Tonight is sacred for another reason.
Yet one anecdote in the aftermath of Elections 2009-
The day before the elections I went to wash my car, which is somthing I'm a little OCD about.
And standing outside my preferred filling station, with a large green palisade fence surrounding my air from that of the taxi rank half a metre away, I thought of what Azad talks of in his election post: I'm not old enough to vote.
About how I am standing here in an area that was previously reserved for Whites, looking at the people whose sweat built this country and witnessing their cheerfulness in spite of having been systematically left out. In an area that is close to freeways and mega malls and all types of amenities and resources, witnessing the majority of our land commute to far away bantustans in transpost that was supposed to take them far away, whether they reached their destination or not.
And I think of Palestine.

Viva Mzansi, we love you and will fight for you with all we have.

PS: Meeting Dew and Azad was really cool. Hope it brings our friendship closer :)

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Azra April 28, 2009 at 10:00 PM  


When are we going to meet?

We've come so far Noojie...sad that our younger genrations (including some of us) can't even comprehend it, and only see the negative.

Dew_drops April 29, 2009 at 5:40 PM  

:-) Was a pleasure!