Between my shadow and my soul


oo_ _OO
the first of many similarities:
we loved freshly baked bread
jam doughnuts, surprise bOOing
tickles, 90% without studying,
and wordsonwordsonwords
we had tempers to be reckoned with
we are first and last
the coolness and the pride

time alchemied past with present
your deep footsteps were difficult to side step
step i did, even when I could sink
you journeyed and left behind knotty strings
i stayed and made a home from woollen rings
now you return in despair, have i taught you nothing
bare foot gardens are for the pOOr,
those earrings are so last year

i look into your eyes and see the hollow
having it all is what i should follow
yet mirror images destine that I
Have all that you want to hide

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