Between my shadow and my soul

If I was a famous woman in history I would be...


No, this is not a dumb facebook quiz.
I just watched the movie, which altho exercises liberal artistic license is luverly.

And she is ME. In many aspects. Like:

  • Living on chocolate and dessert

  • Clapping in the opera (if it weren't for my friends sensitivities I would make the movies more interactive)

  • Being surrounded by protocol and bureaucracy and tradition she finds laughable

  • Laughing at all of the above

  • Youngest daughter

  • Displacing her frustrations (ok so she used drinking and men and shopping. I use shooting and morbid poems and fiction. Displacement is displacement).
  • Having a hard to pronounce name
  • Weird "ridiculous" rumours. Like the one that I was dating an Afrikaner guy. Nooj does NOT date. Although I have met Afrikaner guys who are more pleasant than their Indian counterparts.
  • Bubblebaths!!!

I don't think I would squander tax money. My weaknesses as a leader would probably be idealism. I'd try to make everyone happy and ignore power plays. I would, therefore, be a weak and ineffectual leader. Also I would not be a good example for my citizens since I hate norms- one of the reasons Teaching was never an option for me.

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Dew_drops May 24, 2008 at 7:14 PM  

Haha, well..I think I'm het too since all those criteria fit for me. I'm also a bit of Meredith Grey (which is...sad I must watch this.

Noorjehaan May 25, 2008 at 1:38 PM  

lol. you'll enjoy the movie. it has really nothing to do with history but more to do with her character. i'm more of izzy but meredith's not all sad. she has a yang and yangs are amazing friends:)