Between my shadow and my soul

Dodgems or Perinaise & wedges

My email signature is "words should be like rainbows". These words seem, contrary to intention, to be very misleading. One of my friends asked if I'd left the cynical-yang movement implying I'd given in to the movement Pink termed in her outstanding work as "Stupid girls". Someone else said that it was irony that my words are seldom like rainbows, simply because I said something not very pleasant and pretty to them.

I think it all smores down to what you think rainbows ARE. If you think rainbows are just there to look pretty and make you pause and think about God's creation for a while, that's good enough for you. The same goes if you think rainbows are gay and should only be admired by girls with "little doggies and teenie weenie tees". I see much more in rainbows. And words.

For example how rainbows are formed. They're not created by charms, what actually happens is that sunlight is dispersed through water droplets in to me what seems like a complex process of refraction and reflection. I wish words were formed that way. I wish people would consider their words, reflect them through different lenses and then present them to me. The once they are presented to me they have to be refracted through my ideas and little zaps to create a rainbow of understanding. This might seem like a dial-up process in the age of instant messaging and mxit, but reflect on Yusuf Islam's words on the Prophet (SAW): "He spoke with the fewest of words and the broadest of meanings".

Rainbows are also optical illusions. The observer's position affects how she or he will see it. Words are much like that. No matter how much technology progresses, it will never be able to capture words. Even magic could not pensieve the tonnes of connotations and inflections contained in a single syllable.

This for me is a sort of ideal. Which is why I say words SHOULD be like rainbows. It is a sort of aspiration I have, to work on my words, reflect them on all the voices in my head, and then experiment them on others' lenses to form the perfect rainbow. Yes, the perfect rainbow does feel pretty, and makes me appreciate God's creation and is a little gay.

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