Between my shadow and my soul

Do I LIKE learning the hard way? OR Chance is synonymous with opportunity

Ever since I got my new car (her name is Buraaq-ah denoting silver, female, winged horse that can take you to Heaven) I've wanted a teddybear at the back to keep her company while I'm at work. I found a gorgeous little doggy in Margate- with melted Dairymilk eyes.

My six year old niece climbed in to my car and immediately made friends with Hafez (denoting Guardian). She started sticking him on her window and taking him off, you know with that sticky thing. I thought it might break, but decided not to shout her firstly because she gives the tightest hugs from all 8 of my gremlins and secondly because who said that it was a sure thing that she'll break it? She broke it. Now Hafez has to sit in the corner of the back windscreen and can't see as much as he could before.

This experience reminds me of a few instances in my past:

Feb 2007-
Friends: "Don't order a fish burger from a Halaal Wimpy because lots of people order beef burgers so the fish is probably old"
Me: You guys are so pessimistic"
I got food poisoning

Apr 1998-
Sister: "Don't speak to X when he phones you because you don't like him the way he likes you. He'll interpret it differently"
Me: "No man we're just friends"
The next day we're the school's hottest item.

The thing is, I think I would probably do the same thing again.
I think it's because I got a lot of opportunities as kid. No one really took off at me.
The other explanation is that I'm dumb and don't learn from my experiences.

I think being dumb is a good trait for a psychologist to have because no matter how many times your clients disappoint you, you always hope that this is the last time.

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