Between my shadow and my soul

Joie de vivre is also...

When u discuss Surah Feel and God's images make you visualise the beginning of the battle scenes in 300 and LOTR and you can hear the elephants' hooves moving to the drumbeats.

And you discuss how raindrops were created so mercifully like parachutes and tingle our skins instead of like anything else that reaches terminal velocity would pierce it.

Hearing a story of the rich miser who had a beggar pestering him all the time. He finally relented and got the beggar the yoghurt he was asking for. Then the beggar asked for bread and he got angry. That night he dreamt he was in the beautiful gardens of paradise and he was hungry and he looked and looked and looked for food. And finally an angel brought him some yoghurt. And he said I'm really hungry I want bread too. And the angel said that's all you sent here...;)

And Ibraheem AS abolished human sacrifice, God needs no sustenance.

And snapshots in my head that don't project here.

I think my Joie de vivre obsession is about understanding life through living it instead of letting the understanding stop me from being alive.

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That Mash Guy June 20, 2009 at 12:50 AM  

this reminds me of stuffs. though I'm not as familiar and engaged with the Holy book as you are...

Nooj June 29, 2009 at 2:33 PM  

Mash i think u have awesome knowledge of "stuffs" :)