Between my shadow and my soul

Act 23 Scene 365

Elysium leaned in the doorway.

She looked up and immediately down again, to hide the shame of the angry blush that rose to her cheeks. "You lied", she said the words slowly, determinedly, to hide the desperation of needing him to prove her wrong, to live up to her heart's desires. "All that you said, you never became. When I was in battle with all you taught me, you were nowhere to be seen. Deceitful hypocrite."

"You cannot believe in people, komitrou. Remember Dumbledore and Mandela, the countless humans who were just one rung. What you call deception I call being gentle. What you believe to be your enemies, would remain so in my presence as well as my absence."

"I began to love you," she whispered, "I mended your flaws with my every precious and painful emotion".

"That was not my intention." He left her chamber and they never met again.

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