Between my shadow and my soul

I didn't jump

On the way in the car:

Friend: I was driving slow in go-karts and no one could take over me. Bwuhahaha
Me: You used to make the engines for ferraris. How can you drive slow? When you create something don't you have to appreciate its form and purpose?
Friend: Your parents created you and they don't understand you.

I didn't jump.
I can't explain why.
I don't like myself for it. I was on the edge and ready.
I did other crazy stuff afterwards to compensate, but its tough.
Not being in control of your mind. Let. Go. Of. The. Railing.
There are still many bars in my mind that need bending.

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M Junaid March 18, 2009 at 11:49 PM  

i an only see the stick figure if i click on the pic and it gets better.. which makes it extra cool