Between my shadow and my soul

What a Man sees in a Woman’s face

What a Man sees in a Woman’s face
Is so much more than she could imagine, or realise
In that moment.

One glance reveals a soft endearing sweet tenderness,
Too easily crushed

An involuntary blush in her cheeks,
Is the beginning of many a daydream

A squint in deep dark eyes,
Reveals an intelligence that could fill galaxies
And could be the secret to unlocking her desirous laugh

A downward glance is surely both sides of a precious coin,
Shy idiosyncrasies and a wit that is bright as the noon sun

The turn of a head belies some of her underlying steel
At this the man becomes aware of the danger
What can enchant can hurt, what hurts feels hurt

And yet this thought is quickly displaced by the promise
Of hearing her voice. Words  are the sixth dimension that
Could confirm, or forever abolish the Above.

What a Woman sees in a Man’s face,

Is not to be revealed, as yet…

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