Between my shadow and my soul

In between the signs

If this soul yearns, 
For a delicious reunion of purpose and passion
It is when, I kiss my mother's feet
And yet my soul yearns for God
Or I clasp my father's hand, 
My soul still yearns for God
Fall asleep in my husband's arms,
Caress my newborn's forehead,
Drive the newest model of my German car,
Stare in awe at the Niagara Falls, 
Summit the tremendous Uhuru;

Even if, my words are published in the world-famous publications.
My face on every prestigious magazine, and my laugh on every television screen
All legitimate Halaal desires, if and only if 
My soul still yearns and is impressed only by reunion with God, then
I have realised what the purpose of being human is 
And will only strive for the rare type of wealth, tranquility (Sakeenah)
Because true love can only exist between a soul and God

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