Between my shadow and my soul

She said He looked at her like she was the answer to Life Itself or Children of the Shadows

We live and laugh as if we will not live for long

Although we live forever in the nightmares of

Our innocent mothers, as mistakes, as abominations

And regrets. They love us wholeheartedly even without another half

They hide us and shush the gossip, and we wish we could

Talk from the cradle like Jesus and plead our mother’s cases.

But we know that we are voiceless in our shame, we live with

The guilt of a man who brags of his love yet supports not

The product of such. Men who love too much, men who

Cannot control their love, men who sing on stars and expensive suits

With expensive flowers and gold trinkets until.

Until we wreck it all.

Abortion would have been more beautiful than a life without a Name

Where we are condemned to cower to society’s comfort, in Shadows.

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Anonymous October 29, 2011 at 12:03 AM  

Is that you Nooj? I've been looking for you since Dorval days, let me know, there is cosmic blood on my bowl of cherries but because the cherries are red it's not easy to see (for ordinary mortals anyway) but I see it ... -MD

Anonymous October 29, 2011 at 12:12 AM  

Maybe I should have said Dorval/Lachine/Ottawa days, so you know Nooj, yes it's ME ................. trust your HP Lovecraft informed intuitions as I remember them, it's me, a rose is a rose by any other name (but I'm no homo) sure like girls to my own detriment tho, and no wonder you don't get much response, there's no PROPER narrative 'hook' you jump right in from the start expecting box office, trust me, bin there don that!